"The Story of uNKLEDUNk Records" 

uNKLEDUNk Records was founded by C.E.O. Darrell DWaRf Millar of KiLLeR DWaRfS/Automan.ca/Laidlaw fame in 2002. Also endorsed by monster industry companies Sabian and Sennheiser ddrum, Humes and Berg, Evans/D'addario. It is with this experience of 38 years in the touring and recording end of the music business that an artist/artists will benefit with the company. Staff have ears to the ground at the street level of music today, and understand  just what an awesome deal a music career can be. This also comes with a large price tag and a huge personal commitment few understand. The dream can be achieved. At present UD Records is an exclusive label for artist Automan. We are not accepting submissions at this time. As the label gains strength, an announcement will be made on the news section of the menu in the near future. When it is posted,  we will start accepting submissions for consideration to sign the first act to Unkledunk Records. Visit the store link of the menu for the Debut "Pocket Change" 2009 and "Backseat Surprise" 2012 from Automan.


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